The Birth Lounge

The Birth Lounge

Hosted by: Andrew Davey

Welcome to The Birth Lounge Birth is the beginning of LIFE. What can birth then teach us about LIFE itself? Authentic birthing stories shared will uncover the wisdom to heal, evolve and create beyond our imagination....


Jess Ngaheu Ep 24 "Trust your instincts - You are NEVER Alone"

Season #1

In episode 24 of the birth lounge we meet an incredibly nurturing soul. The incredible Jess Ngaheu It is with everything inside my soul that I have created Maternal Grounding - holistic services to nurture and support...
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Melanie Horner Ep 23 "How to communicate with your baby before they can speak"

Season #1

In Ep23 we learn something very cool in the parenting world. Meet Melanie Horner Hey there I'm Melanie Mom of two, communications professional and baby sign expert. Over the past five years I have taught hundreds of...
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Episode 22 - Genevieve Muir - "And Then There Were Two’ – Helping parents navigate the transition from one child to two"

Season #1 Episode #22

In Episode 22 of "The Birth Lounge" we go beyond birth and learn from a truly passionate individual, sharing her wisdom in the MUST have's of all things parenting. Truly insightful......About GenevieveObstetric Social...
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Episode 21 - Kelli Johnson "Even in a Hospital setting, you can still have an empowered and informed birth"

Season #1 Episode #21

Meet the amazing Kelli Johnson. We had such a wonderful opportunity to learn who she is and her inspired vision and mission for birthing women. Let's introduce this incredible heart centred birth professional -Kelli...
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Episode 20 - Lauretta Hamilton - "You can't predict what might happen but you can prepare"

Season #1 Episode #20

Meet the amazing Lauretta Hamilton on Episode 20 of "The Birth Lounge" Lovely ones,Thank you for coming here - I’m Lauretta and I have trouble writing things without...
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Episode 19 - Dale & Amy White - "Transforming the Birth Experience"

Season #1 Episode #19

Welcome to episode 19 of "The Birth Lounge" from ibirthprofessionalsMeet the incredibly REAL and genuine couple, Dale & Amy White from the Sunshine Coast as they open up and share 2 very different birth...
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Episode 18 - Ong Hui Tze "Get the right support & knowledge for a better postpartum experience"

Season #1 Episode #18

In episode 18 we meet this warm gentle and nurturing soul....Hui Tze. Let us introduce her below.Hi, I’m Hui Tze. The two very different postpartum journeys I personally experienced made me realise that having the...
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Episode 17 - Pip Wynn Owen - "How to be Birth Savvy"

Season #1 Episode #17

Hi, I am Pip Wynn Owen and I am most proud to call myself is a Certified Childbirth and Early Parenting Educator and a NDC (Neuroprotective Developmental Care) Accredited Health Professional because what I most want...
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Episode 16 - Kit & Shradha - "The UNPLANNED Homebirth"

Season #1 Episode #16

Meet the wonderful Kit & Shradha. Based in Singapore, this wonderful couple share the insights and experience of an unplanned home birth. So many wonderful things to learn from their captured...
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Episode 15 - Jules Brooks - "Have the A & B plan for a positive birth"

Season #1 Episode #15

Meet the AMAZING Jules Brooks in Episode 15 of ibirthprofessionals "The Birth LoungeJules Brooks is a Doula, Calmbirth Educator and Birth Counsellor.  She has worked for 20 years supporting hundreds of couples as a...
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Episode 14 - Sophie Jeffries - "Movement for your birthing body"

Season #1 Episode #14

Meet the incredible Sophie Jeffries. Sophie is a qualified postpartum doula, pilates instructor, shiatsu therapist, and mother of two young children. She is passionate about supporting women and their bodies...
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Episode 13 - Gemma Wilson "Finding your birth ability for a positive birth"

Season #1 Episode #13

Meet the incredible Gemma Wilson. In this episode we tap into her wisdom and passion for serving women to be empowered through a positive birth experience.Let's get Gemma to introduce herself:Hi I'm GemmaAs a Lamaze...
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