Episode 20 - Lauretta Hamilton - "You can't predict what might happen but you can prepare"

Season #1 Episode #20

Meet the amazing Lauretta Hamilton on Episode 20 of "The Birth Lounge"

Hello Lovely ones,
Thank you for coming here - I’m Lauretta and I have trouble writing things without making it an essay!

I’ve got a lot to say and share, and a whole heap of passion for birth preparation and supporting women & families!I’m a mum, a midwife and lover of connecting with people!
I’ll start by sharing a little of my own story and what led me here….
I love being a midwife, I put my heart into caring for the women and families I meet and I enjoy working in all areas of antenatal care, labour ward and postnatal. But I also felt frustrated at times because although I know the impact & benefits of a supportive, knowledgeable midwife, there is a limit to how much education and preparation we can do when we meet women on birth suite already in labour.

So I knew I wanted to do something to create more of an impact BEFORE I met women on their B day, so I began researching how I could do that!

And that’s how I discovered Calmbirth, I attended the course while I was pregnant with my first daughter.

Being a midwife and going into my own birth…

I knew I had a lot of ‘stuff’ or baggage that I was carrying around with me, experiences from what I’d witnessed as well as my own beliefs around my body and what it could do.

I had a lot to work on, a difficult pregnancy and health issues meant I didn’t have a lot of belief in myself and what my body COULD do.

I knew about the physiology of what happens in labour – but there’s only so much you can fit into a degree and I needed to go deeper, to look at ways I could prepare myself and my part midwife husband for our birth.

Doing the Calmbirth course helped me to work through my fears, add to my knowledge of mindset and practical tools so I could work WITH my body, and have confidence I could do it.

It’s SO important to understand these facets and its why birth preparation needs to be more than just the mechanics of the process.

“Our bodies know how to birth and our babies know how to be born, sometimes it’s our minds that get in the way…”

My mindset overcame the initial beliefs and doubts I had, I let go of the fear and embraced the power.And WOW, power is one of the words I would use to describe both of my births! The others would be challenging, intense but SO freaking empowering!

I now have two beautiful little girls (makes me smile just thinking about that..) and honestly the experience’s I’ve had have helped me overcome many challenges knowing that I did that!

I would love to connect and share all that I have learnt & experienced with you, I want ALL women to feel empowered by their births, to go into parenting in the most positive way, for their own and their family’s wellbeing.

My other passion is helping you prepare for postpartum – the important but often forgotten about fourth trimester. This stage is crucial and there is so much we can do to plan and prepare to that it can be a time of rest, nourishment and recovery. That’s why I created the ‘Beyond the Birth’ class. You can read more about that on the services page.

You might prefer to connect with me 1:1, I love to support those of you who might need to debrief your birth, have someone listen or discuss specifics for your situation, find resources or help you with birth or postpartum planning… whatever you need, please get in touch and I can help you decide which service will fit your needs.
But however you choose to prepare for your birth and postpartum – please invest in yourselves, your birth and your baby’s, I promise it will be so very worth it!

Much love,
OMP Educator, Midwife, Nurse & Calmbirth Educator


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