The Birth Lounge

The Birth Lounge

Hosted by: Andrew Davey

Welcome to The Birth Lounge Birth is the beginning of LIFE. What can birth then teach us about LIFE itself? Authentic birthing stories shared will uncover the wisdom to heal, evolve and create beyond our imagination....


Episode 15 - Jules Brooks - "Have the A & B plan for a positive birth"

Season #1 Episode #15

Meet the AMAZING Jules Brooks in Episode 15 of ibirthprofessionals "The Birth LoungeJules Brooks is a Doula, Calmbirth Educator and Birth Counsellor.  She has worked for 20 years supporting hundreds of couples as a...
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Episode 14 - Sophie Jeffries - "Movement for your birthing body"

Season #1 Episode #14

Meet the incredible Sophie Jeffries. Sophie is a qualified postpartum doula, pilates instructor, shiatsu therapist, and mother of two young children. She is passionate about supporting women and their bodies...
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Episode 13 - Gemma Wilson "Finding your birth ability for a positive birth"

Season #1 Episode #13

Meet the incredible Gemma Wilson. In this episode we tap into her wisdom and passion for serving women to be empowered through a positive birth experience.Let's get Gemma to introduce herself:Hi I'm GemmaAs a Lamaze...
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Episode 12 - Chanelle Clark - "Listen to your body & what works for YOU"

Season #1 Episode #12

Meet the incredible Chanelle Clark. Mother of beautiful twins and a Naturopath from Perth, Western Australia, truly passionate about serving, supporting and empowering individuals in so many ways.Chanelle is a...
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EPISODE 11: Sarah Goldberg "When we listen to our hearts calling"

Season #1 Episode #11

Meet the incredible Sarah Goldberg in this incredible journey into birth's true calling. Let's allow her to introduce herself.....SARAH GOLDBERGNurtured Birth was born in 2010 when I returned to Australia after 15...
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Episode 10 -Tanya Cawthorne Strusberg - "Lamaze: Evidence-based, respectful and transformative birth education for all."

Season #1 Episode #10

Meet Tanya Cawthorne Strusberg. She is the co-founder of Lamaze Australia, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, doula, doula trainer and a Fellow of the Association of Certified Childbirth Educators (FACCE). Tanya...
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Episode 9 - Steve & Michelle Painter - "Learning to believe in what your body was made to do""

Season #1 Episode #9

Meet Steve & Michelle. Their journey into parenthood took some unexpected turns that shines light on the gift of creating a birth experience of their desire.Join them as they unpack (for the first time in this...
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Episode 8 - Kasey Biggar - "Never take NO for an answer when you know it's the right thing!""

Season #1 Episode #8

Meet the incredible Kasey Biggar. Be inspired by this Midwife on a MISSION who is also a mother and an amazing advocate for how birth should be.Her story of bringing REAL and authentic antenatal education to the women...
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Episode 7: Ros McDonough - "Birthing with Kindness and Compassion"

Season #1 Episode #7

Welcome to Episode 7 and meet the AMAZING Ros McDonough from, I'm Ros McDonough, and I've been a registered and practicing midwife in South Australia since 1994, working at the Queen...
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Episode 6 - Kate Eakin - "You have to know that you CAN say NO"

Season #1 Episode #6

Meet the AMAZING Kate Eakin in her weaving the magic of lessons through the power of her birth story that led her to finding her purpose.  A Hypnobirthing Australia™ practitioner and Childbirth Educator who openly...
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Episode 5 - Vicki Hobbs "Giving Women back their POWER"

Season #1 Episode #6

Meet the Amazing Vicki Hobbs and hear her personal message to you below...Hi everyone, I am excited to being sitting on the Birth Lounge and sharing my thoughts with you. I believe I am one in a long line of wise and...
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Episode 4 - Lauren McLean "Your Body, Your Baby - Everything is a choice"

Season #1 Episode #5

Meet the incredible Lauren McLean from mama /mama to be, my name is Lauren, and I'm a Lake Macquarie based chai loving, pink lover, low-tox/eco living pre/postnatal yoga teacher...
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