Optimal Maternal Positioning for Parents Complete Online Video Series

“Learn how 15 minutes per day, OMP prepares your body to birth Your Way!”

A step by step video course that will not only give you the missing piece to your pregnancy routine and birth plan BUT most importantly will Empower YOU with the Confidence to know what to do when things go right AND when things don't go to plan during labor & birth!


By the end of this program you will have:

Empowered Knowledge

Knowledge is great BUT... Where OMP stands out is teaching you WHAT to do, How to do it, When to do it and most importantly WHY you are doing it when it comes to specific exercises to create space in your pelvis. Learn the ART and Science of birthing your baby in simplified language.

Confidence in yourself & your birth partner

Once you discover these tools, practice and apply what you learn alongside your birth partner, you will have the confidence to know you ARE prepared physically for the birth you desire.

Expert Guidance


Many teach birth and don't attend births. Your mentor, Ginny Phang-Davey has attended over 1200+ births and has learned how to help guide mother's to their desired outcome.


Proven techniques that when utilised during pregnancy can not only ease pain and discomfort, yet can turn traumatic situations around during labor & birth.

Nurtured Support

Be welcomed into an online community of mother's, doula's, midwives and Ginny herself where you can ask questions and be a part of an inspiring community, showing women what's possible for their birth.

Empowered Choice

When you have the knowledge you hold the power. The power to say YES and the power to say NO. Informed choice is an Empowered Choice. You will learn how to work with your body to birth your baby.

Empowered Mumma Amy White's birth story (QLD, Australia)

Hear Amy's birth story of how she took control of her birth and walked away truly empowered using Optimal maternal Positioning.


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By practicing the Optimal Maternal Positioning Protocols for as little as 15 minutes a day, you can create space in the pelvis for an easier shorter more relaxed birth.

"Hi Ginny - I was the other heavily pregnant midwife at your Brisbane class:) I had quite an ordeal with my first birth stalled at fd @ spines with lots of intervention, failed vacuum and an emergency cesarean with scar extension and ligament damage and a two week hospital stay šŸ˜©..... I religiously did you daily routine From 34 weeks, stretched and became familiar with the labour openers and they became second nature on the day. My waters broke yesterday at 11 am- I popped my toddler to bed at 7:15pm we did the daily routine and the contractions started fast and fierce immediately as I stood from the inversion . I was rocking, swaying, stomping opening every pelvic diameter I could - I used every technique you taught us. I made it To hospital roaring my birth song on all fours in the foyer of the hospital. My Baby girl 4029 kgs, Iā€™m 163cms tall arrived with me reclined on my left side soon after some amazing hip openers (pushing on the top of my hips) -that did the trick to bring her past my spines!!! From first contraction it was 3hrs later and I was holding her in my arms! I was home 6 hours later, without a single complication, happy and healthy mum and Bub. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I truly believe it helped me achieve my vbac this time! šŸ˜ sending lots of love šŸ’• x"

Michelle Kate Warriner

Here's what's inside the COMPLETE OMP for parents video course


Introduction: Welcome to your journey

Be welcomed into your online journey by Ginny and discover how to navigate your way through the program on how best to structure your pathway in learning the content so as to not overwhelm yourself and learn at your own pace.

Spend 15 minutes a day as part of your pregnancy routine to unlock the true potential of your body for your birth.

Module 1: What is Optimal Maternal Positioning

Understand your babies journey in simplified terms and debunk the myths we are taught about your baby having to be in an "ideal" position for birth. 

Having a baby go through a pelvis is like putting a key through the key hole. When the baby goes through the pelvis, it has to enter the pelvis in a certain way and rotate through the pelvis to emerge on the other side. 

Whilst we cannot control what position your baby is going to prefer, we can however help to create more space within your pelvis to allow your baby to enter and rotate through a lot easier. 

Module 2: How to use OMP during your pregnancy

Now the MAGIC begins!! Ginny takes you step by step through the Pelvic alignment protocols. Learn these exercises with your birth partner to ease discomforts (many women have noticed immediate results in reducing pain during pregnancy) and start to learn how to work with your body through pregnancy as you will in labor & birth.

You learn step-by-step the pelvic alignment protocols with cheat sheets to give you the process. Most importantly you will learn how specifically each exercises creates space in which part of your pelvis to prepare your body for an easier, shorter and more relaxed birth.



BONUS VIDEOS: What happens during labor & birth

Ginny takes you through the journey to understand How to know if your labor is progressing or not. Learn how to decipher your labor patterns as an indication if and when labor is progressing. Know what to do by reading the signs - SIMPLIFIED!!!

Taken from Ginny's Oxytocin Equation Antenatal classes she guides you alongside expectant parents on what's happening internally of you. It will deepen your understanding of which OMP techniques can be used AND how specifically they work to guide your baby through the pelvis.

Module 3: How to use OMP during labor & birth

Here's where you will unlock the secrets to an easier shorter and more relaxed birth. Learn active birth positions to facilitate each stage of labor. Know where baby is so you know which specific movements will help guide your baby through it's cardinal movements.

Learn what specific protocols and movements open the inlet or outlet of the pelvis to ensure you are helping labor progress rather than the WRONG technique which can cause labor to stall.

Module 4: Navigating Roadblocks - What to do when labor & birth does not go as planned

Most birth education prepares you for what COULD potentially happen during birth BUT where Optimal Maternal Positioning takes things to the next step is Ginny shows you WHAT you can do if labor stops progressing. 

Imagine the time ticking and your pending birth plan of a natural drug free birth for example is dependent on your labor progressing or it may take a different path in the system where you are birthing.

OMP gives you tools and strategies to know WHAT to enables your babies cardinal movements to facilitate Labour progress. This module is your saving grace to help you get the birth you desire.

PLUS: be part of a supportive community of 400+ OMP Ambassadors, birth professionals & mothers

A supportive community exists to ask questions, share inspiration and hear first hand what's possible for you.

An option exists to also have a ONE on ONE session with Ginny or one of our OMP Educators who are experts in supporting you in your journey, just in case you need that extra love and care.

Have Questions?

There are some AMAZING classes out there that will give you some of the knowledge you need to prepare for pregnancy, labor & birth. Optimal Maternal Positioning however compliments many of these modalities where much of their focus is often on mental preparation and learning what happens in the birth room. 

Some even help you with a birth plan to set-up for a plan B. 

Optimal Maternal Positioning however takes things to a greater level by giving you the WHY, WHAT AND HOW to enable labor to progress by preparing your body and baby for birth. 

You will learn what you can do when things go right AND most importantly have the confidence to know WHAT to do when things during birth don't go to plan.

Actually that's a perfect time to start. The OMP protocols will help with alignment AND begin to help you prepare throughout pregnancy for labor & birth.

It's NEVER too late to be proactive in having the birth that is empowered through your choice. Within day's you will be working through the video's. 

The OMP protocols are extremely helpful through your labor & birth AND don't forget there is a section in the video course that helps you understand what to do during birth when things are NOT going to plan that can still lead you to your desired birth experience.

Having a baby pass through the pelvis is like putting the key through the keyhole. If the key hole is not aligned, there may be problems of a smooth insertion. The key may get stuck and cause difficulties turning to unlock or even removing the key.

This is where ‘Optimal Maternal Positioning’ (OMP) comes in. Instead of focussing on the position of the key (which Optimal Fetal Positioning focuses on the position of the baby), OMP focuses on creating space within the keyhole (Pelvis).

Watch this video to learn more

The analogy of the 'hot-air balloon' originated from Dr Carol Phillips of www.dynamicbodybalancing.com

As 'bones float inside soft tissues', learn how pelvic alignment enhances pelvic mobility. In this video, you will understand the importance of the pregnant mother maintaining dynamic equilibrium within her 'hot-air balloon' during pregnancy which enables her to have a more comfortable pregnancy and how during labor and birth, it enables the baby's cardinal movements to facilitate labor progress, resulting in an easier birth. 

We have seen many examples of using different protocols and witnessing babies move into more favourable positions. Although it's something we certainly cannot guarantee, we will say that by working with your body, having the confidence and knowledge in knowing what to do during pregnancy, labor & birth, you give yourself a higher chance of creating your desired outcome.

It is often said in many other programs that your baby needs to be in an "ideal position" which is simply not true. In fact Optimal Maternal positioning focuses on the mother as much as baby, and in utilising Pelvic mobility exercises/protocols she learns how to work with her body to create space within the pelvis to allow her baby to pass through.

We would love to hear from you. Please email us at [email protected] so we may support you in your journey.

Don't mourn the birth plan you envisioned

Empower YOURSELF with the KNOWLEDGE and CONFIDENCE to know what to do when things go right AND when things don't go to plan during labor & birth!


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