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Introduction to OMP - Pregnancy preparation video mini-course

Dear Mama's to be, Doula's Midwives, Child birth Educators, Birth professionals & Caregivers

This mini Introductory course will give you a taste of all things OMP. Learn how investing 15 minutes a day to birth your way can prepare you (or your clients) through pregnancy, ease pain and discomfort AND prepare your body for birth through pelvic alignment.


Investing just 15 minutes a day to birth your way using Optimal Maternal Positioning is all it takes to prepare your body through pregnancy to have an easier shorter and more relaxed birth.

You are about unlock your introduction to Optimal Maternal Positioning Pregnancy preparation video mini - course that will not only give you the missing piece to your pregnancy routine and birth plan but share how OMP protocols can reduce feeling discomfort and pain during pregnancy! 

Some exercises can do more harm during pregnancy than good. Optimal Maternal Positioning supports you through specific OMP protocols where you learn the HOW and WHY these are so important for your pregnant body. 

Here's what you are about to learn:

 Empowered Knowledge - Bite size learning with video modules spoken in simplified language including instructional videos to walk you through HOW Optimal Maternal Positioning will help you during pregnancy.

Confidence in yourself & your birth partner - Alongside your birth partner, work as a team through the training (or teach your clients) to see how effective OMP can be in removing pain and discomfort during pregnancy, while preparing your body for birth through pelvic alignment and more....

Expert Guidance - Ginny Phang-Davey has attended over 1200+ births and has learned how to help guide mother's to their desired outcome. Bonus Videos taken from Ginny's Oxytocin Equation antenatal classes to learn the basics of what to expect during labor and birth. (The Three stages of Labor)

REAL tools for REAL RESULTS -Proven techniques that when utilised during pregnancy can not only ease pain and discomfort yet prepare you for birth. 

Discount to UPGRADE to the complete OMP for parents program including OMP active birth positions for Labor & birth. (Please note: This is an introductory course that covers pregnancy routines NOT Labor & birth)

 12 months access to review and learn in the comfort of your own home. 

See you on the other-side.


Ginny Phang-Davey

P.S You can UPGRADE at anytime to the COMPLETE Labor & Birth OMP program

**PLUS (ONE TIME OFFER) Grab your copy of "The Missing Piece from your Birth-Plan" By Ginny Phang-Davey (40 page downloadable e-book) 

Thank you for sharing your wisdom, I truly believe it helped me achieve my vbac this time! 😍 sending lots of love 💕 x Michelle Kate Warriner

We learnt so much and did specific exercises daily. I know this prepared my body for Noah's birth to be as easy as possible. Amy White


"The OMP workshop was so amazing. Thank you so much Ginny for sharing your birthing knowledge & wisdom. I learnt so much from the day & know that I’ll be able to support mums better just from doing your course." - Kate (HBA Practitioner Child birth educator)

"I have attended 4 workshops with Ginny and have learnt so much from her presentations and demonstrations particularly her amazing deconstructed pelvis. She is so enthusiastic, authentic and it is clear to see she has a wealth of knowledge and an abundance of inspiration to share. We have spent so many years focussing on foetal positioning, but I have always been convinced that we have to start with the mother – and now Ginny will be instrumental in sharing everything we need to know and more of what birth workers can do to help women before and during pregnancy, so we give baby the best chance of getting into an ideal position for labour and birth." - Vicki (Doula & Childbirth Educator)

 "Having the skills to help mum with her postures & balance to allow bub to line up for birth sounds too good to be true.
But Ginny makes it sound so simple.
I've been to her workshops twice.
Optimal Maternal Positioning is a great title for what she teaches.
We've been hearing about Optimal Fetal Positioning for decades.
Now thanks to Optimal Maternal Positioning we have the other piece to the puzzle. Well Done Ginny on such an informative & hands on course.
I love all the support & follow up." - Debra (Midwife)



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